Andrea Koury Judkins
5 min readOct 26, 2022


No one appears to be saving us, so I propose we take care of each other. #Humanity

Let’s fight back, again.

We’re being mistreated by the SEC. The SEC under Gary Gensler has taken a mind of its elite own & I’m tired of it. It’s well past time we start taking Jesus’ approach with our David vs Goliath mentality to go against the system & take it on.

I have been thinking about this for quite awhile & while I understand many aren’t very big on risks but hear me out, what if we took an idea that another developer abandoned & help combine forces with the people behind it & fight against a system that’s been robbing us blind for years.

My dear friends, we are in a war within & outer whether we want to admit it or not. We are. We are literally fighting against a system that’s eaten so many of us that only people who are close to us know what really happened. That needs to change, don’t you think?

Don’t you think it’s time we dismantle the system?

I recently watched Wizard of Oz because I find a comfort in the story line. We want to think everything is kind & gracious. We want to believe the lies our parents were fed. That’s what they are. That’s what we’ve been convincing ourselves with. For years, the writing’s been on the wall. Only the brutal & most narcissistic go into politics.

Trust me, I get it & I have seen it. As a Progressive/Independent or whatever you want to call me. I would rather approach Amy Klobuchar than Nancy Pelosi even though she’s revered something beyond. THAT’S NOT WHO WE ARE. I am so sick of being gaslit over money. Aren’t you tired of being strung along, and you string your family, etc?

You know that’s what they want, right? They want you divided. “Well, fuck my friend who can’t pay me back.” unbeknownst to her friend, it was a matter of life or death. Yes, I know. There’s ALWAYS someone; think about that though. Let’s take it further. You know how there’s ALWAYS one person? Guess what, they’ve morphed into this machine that’s literally turning on us. It has for awhile but the government who has also compiled of many of that ONE PERSON.

Selfless people aren’t in these positions. Trust me, we’re close but that’s too much. People are hateful when it comes to money. Downright selfish & crazy, will kill you if you screw with what they think belongs to them. Now, listen to me carefully. Narcissistic people are in fact insane. It’s either how it benefits them or it comes back around to benefit them. It’s evil & diabolical.

We hate looking at the truth but seriously, there’s belonging and earning. If I lose $50,000 then I have lost it but did I really lose it? You need the mentality of hey, get up. Pick ourselves up & keep moving. Think, “I’ll find other ways to make money again.” See, I find those who want to take your money & control it to be scary. They’re downright scary & they prove it time & time again.

Story time again, when I was in foster care, wasn’t supposed to age out until 21. I was 17/18 & if it wasn’t for my school teacher who saved me that night. Who knows where I would be, because the system is very judgmental & it likes to create hurdles & trivial issues that are fatal blows. It’s nasty. I know. Trust me, being in the foster care system as a black, physical deformities & considered “a troubled youth.” towards the end, you know how difficult it is to remove that stench? Let me tell you, decades later I am still dealing with the aftermath.

We have to fight back. They aren’t here to help you. They won’t be helping you. They don’t care about you unless you have something that will get leveraged or be cashed in on a monetary level. I know, its crazy that here I am. Just telling you how it is.

We can fight the system. We move our money out of banks. You learn the simple things about the blockchain. You learn about other ways to make your money work for YOU. You know I’m right. The system just takes your money & puts it wherever they think is best. That’s not right. Like, I know there’s people who’ll read this & not AGREE with my life choices but dammit, I’m right.

They are hurting you with no accountability. We can stop this. We can turn this around. We can make this about humanity. We don’t need Wall Street & the Government taking from us.

They have the SEC basically running amok, that’s violating public trust by allowing a small percentage control what happens. We’re boggled by a judicial system that’s absolutely tilted to favor those with power, prestige & money. Trust me I’ve been on both sides. The billionaires are crazy, man. They think we’re a game yo? How right is that? This dude who is worth nothing to me has the influence over me.. Jesus, what's up with that, man? They literally schlep with this dude(s). I’m tired of seeing well educated people suffering from illness or homelessness because of greed from the people running the system & controlling it. They’re people.

We’ve allowed this system to dictate who’s worthy of living vs who isn’t. ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND? C’mon friends. Let’s band together. We can crush this system. Keep buying. Keep buying. AMC. Then if you want to look at Luna Classic. The developer, Do Kwon made it about himself & it crashed. Why? They relied on him. That shit’s abstract, like that type of power/control. Nooooo…

Let’s restore our democracy, FOCUS ON COMMUNITY. Lets get from under Wall Street & Politics. Let’s fight. I’m so ready. Tell me you are too. Stay tuned. I have more to say & I’m about to get this show rolling. In fact, I’m so passionate about this. I’m finding ways to channel my energy & time to make extra money & putting 33% in Luna Classic & 33% in AMC. I’ll be talking about bringing more awareness to the fact that this is about unity. Stay tuned